A Link to a website called: biomotionlab


The link above is a website that I happen to come across while doing some of my researches

of Cross dressing & if u do go to the website they just so happen to have

a few Demos one of the Demos is called:Can u guess the sex-?

( BML ) – Walker  is the one that I have been using the *MOST !!!!

this one shows the difference between how a female / Male walks

this is something that can teach / show NEW Cross dressers what mistakes we as Born men

are doing wrong,,,, in our walk have fun feel free to go to this website

Stay well,


*More little secerts to HELP us out a little- shhhh,, Dont tell !!!!!

Eyebrow Modeling Wax

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    • Do you have thick, bushy eyebrows, but can’t shave them? We have the answer for you! Our new Eyebrow Modeling Wax will allow you to cover your eyebrows, cover them with your foundation, then shape them into a feminine brow! Simply cover your eyebrows with a thin layer of this clear wax. Next, use our Ultimate Beard Concealor makeup to completely cover the wax. Now you have a canvas for you to create a beautiful brow using our Eyebrow Stencil Kit. This is how the professionals cover their brows!

    Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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      Some more tips that i have found on websites that can H E L P out us new Gurls/ Cross dressers

      A Beginner’s Guide To Eyeliner: 5 Looks That Anyone Can Do

      keiko lynn

      Eyeliner is my favorite beauty product of all time. It’s versatile, easy to use and you can find it in just about every color under the sun. However, it’s also one of the most difficult products to really master completely, especially if you want to use it for more than just simple outlines. With NYFW officially upon us, we’ll more likely than not see some crazy looks incorporating different eyeliner techniques on the runway, but before you can even think about doing any of those, you need to master the basics. Consider these looks the building blocks for your fancy face. For this tutorial, I used Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner in Black ($5.99), Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black ($7.59) and Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Ultra Black ($10.99). Here are the 5 basic eyeliner looks that everyone should master:

      1. Tightline

      “Tightlining” is when you line the inner rims of your upper eyelids. This is a good choice if you want your eyelashes to look fuller without having false lashes or heaps of mascara. Here’s what you do: using a pencil eyeliner, start at the middle of your eyelid, make small strokes at the very base of your lashes. Remember, the goal is to line the inner rim of your eye, not the lid itself, so place the pencil underneath your lashes rather than above them. Continue doing this until you’ve lined the entire upper lid. Take care not to poke yourself in the eye, though (no shame, we’ve all done it).


      2. Waterline

      This method is an important one to have in your arsenal if you ever choose to venture into dark smokey eye territory, or if you want to make your eyes look wider using a white or peach eye pencil. It’s pretty much the same technique as tightlining, but on the inner rims of your bottom lid. For this, you should be lining above your lashes, not below them. I’d also highly recommend using a pencil here; you can use a gel or liquid, you’ll end up with some pretty gross-looking clumps, and I know from experience that it gets uncomfortable very quickly. You’re getting really close to your actual eyeball here, and you want to avoid irritating it as much as possible. Pro tip: to avoid eyeliner running from your waterline to your undereyes, apply concealer and powder after the eyeliner. As you can see in the photo below, I made a little oopsie, which is why one eye looks like it’s been recently punched.


      3. Gel Eyeliner

      Gel eyeliner gives you the easy application of a pencil with the staying power of liquid eyeliner. It also gives you an overall softer look, and it’s much easier to blend than pencil or liquid eyeliner. Here’s what you do: using any eyeliner brush (the gel eyeliner I used came with one), dip it into the gel pot, brush off the excess like you would with a nail polish brush, and make small thin strokes across your top eyelid ONLY. Simple! I’ve winged mine out at the ends because that’s what I’m used to doing, but you can just do a straight line if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

      Gel Eyeliner

      4. Cat Eye

      This is an absolute must-know, and it’s going to take a lot of practice and a lot of product trial-and-error. My advice is to start with small, thin lines in the middle of your eye, keeping as close to your lash line as possible, and then work your way to the inner and outer corners. As for the wing itself, try to keep to the natural curve of your eye. Once you have a basic shape lined out, you can fill in the rest of the cat eye as thick or thin as you want. Check out YouTube tutorials to see these tips in action! I recommend this one by Michelle Phan, or this one by beauty blogger Vintageortacky.

      Cat Eye

      5. Double Wing

      For when you’ve mastered the cat eye, and one wing just isn’t sufficient anymore. Trust me, that time will come. Just complete your winged eyeliner as you normally do, then, when it’s done, bring your liquid eyeliner back to the middle of your eye. From there, drag another wing up so that it’s slightly higher, but parallel, to your lower wing. Fill it in from there!

      Double Wing

      Shop all of the products I used below:

      Revlon Eyeliner

      Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner in Black ($5.99)

      Maybelline Gel Liner

      Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black ($7.59)

      Physician's Formula Eye Booster

      Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Ultra Black ($10.99)

      hmm? I have been doing so much thinking to this Cross dressing in my life,, well,, the little of what i have done with it so far

      Hi….to all that has passed by on my blog from time to time

      to perhaps to see what I have done,,  did Kelly Add any NEW kinds of pictures ?? hmm?

      Did Kelly write anything else ?


      To a few that wrote to me to wish me luck,,, & I of course would like to

      THANK U ALL !!!! for your support

      when this new type of feeling started to happen to me – I am of course talking about

      Cross dressing*

      In the beginning it hit me kind of hard a few different kinds of emotions started to happen to me

      some to this day I cant even explain it

      so….there I was with these strong / different types of feelings & emotions towards this new thing in my life of what some call C-dressing

      there are of course more then 1, name to it & so many different reasons why people do it

      with me with the more research and…a little more time to think & even accept this I am kind of

      noticing a little more & more as time keeps passing, that at times….those strong feelings I had well,, there just not as strong as what they use to be I remember when it first happen to me I some how  ended up writing to some 1 who was & still is a C-dresser & we corresponded through emailing for a short time & in doing so…it is NOW that I can think back to a few things that this person wrote to me about…myself / Kelly

      1- thing was said:

      perhaps this is just something that for some reason ? & it will pass u by

      as tho telling me that it could be a hobby,, yes u heard that right

      a hobby

      perhaps…..this also can be right too ?

      I can pick up within myself that I am defiantly not the same as to what I have seen & read on websites of cross dressers with (other) C-dressers they are def, more involve in it in there lives

      where as with I….I take it as it comes not really in a big rush….yes its true that I have bought a few girly items a few pairs of stockings

      a pair of wedge open toe shoes…..that I have been practicing walking in…nothing quite like a high heel lol


      It sure is still different to the sneakers or boots that I am so use to wearing

      I also now have two bras

      a panty girdle that has the clips so I can hook the stockings up….I just *LOVE them & love how they feel on me !!!!

      I have a complete outfit that fits me pretty good

      I also have a pair of tight blk leggings

      and I cant forget to mention a Gaff

      this is a type of…..under ware / thong

      this comes in handy for….well ? lets just say: when I do wear a outfit & my bottom outfit is tight leggings the gaffs job is to give the illusion of a (flat)- front to have the same look as how a woman looks

      it really does the job right !

      and a few blouses / pants I should mention woman’s pants & a cardigan


      a Breast form

      I am still on the look-out to buy a wig


      A-3inch open toe clear Mule color heel shoe

      and of course makeup

      this to me is….still a puzzle with how much to use in certain parts of my face

      remember now I am still born a guy lol


      this was / is something I NEVER had to do growing up like how perhaps a real GG woman did & perhaps ? watched a older sister & mother apply makeup


      so what else have I been thinking about with Cross dressing ?

      WELL – ?

      I think if maybe any other C-dressers happen to read any more to this post they…maybe ?

      might start to think different of me now

      Hey I am not here to tell any 1 how to live there life I mean I am still learning how to live my own life & be happy with what I have

      okay then

      this has been some of the ways for (me) of how I look at C-dressing in (my) life

      in my researching man I have come across quite a lot of pictures of

      Cross dressers

      and in looking I have to be completely honest,  honest really to (myself) !!!!

      there are,,, now how am I going to say this with out hurting any 1,s  feelings ?

      * W E L L

      being that this is (my) post & my-LIFE & being HONEST to myself because I…..don’t want to ever upset any 1 if & when I would ever be out in the public as a woman or ?? having people point out to me & thinking & saying: look at (that) guy dressed up wearing woman’s clothing & did you see that thing he / she is wearing on the top of his / her head that wig O.M.G. or to have a parent try to explain to there child why a grown man is dressed like that no…this is something I for (myself) don’t ever want to experience something like that…and its just me if (other) people want that then…that’s (there) life

      so I guess by now you can see where I am going with this ?

      there is a C-dressers event that’s coming up

      & it is something I do want to go too & see for myself how it is & what’s it all about this is something I have never experienced before

      as for later on for the future of Kelly

      this is the part in (my) life that I have to be honest with

      if Kelly ends up just looking like a Guy dressed up wearing woman’s clothes& a wig


      it just doesn’t seem like Kelly will look close to passing as to look like a REAL Woman

      then,,, yes…this I will NOT pursue with any more

      I am & have to be Honest !!!!

      thank U all for taken the time in reading this Blog stay well,,,

      Until next time I will write more to the event coming up

      A few other tips i have found on blogs that i think will H E L P !!! us *NEW Cross dressers out

      Common Cross Dressing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

      Since there is no encyclopedia to cross dressing, it can become difficult to perfect your feminine look without doing hours of research or hours of trial and error. This can be especially challenging if you are trying to pass in public. There are a few common mistakes cross dressers tend to make when dressing that can be easily fixed with a few minor changes to your femme routine. A few of these mistakes are of course made by females as well, but fixing these as a cross dresser may make all the difference in being able to pass.

      1.      Not using Proper Skin Care

      • Since male skin tends to be rougher than female skin it is very important to take the proper care when it comes to your face. First, make sure you use a gentle face cleanser. Do not use body soap. Your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, so you need to use a cleanser made specifically for your face. Try to only wash your face once a day, if you wash it more than that it will strip your face of its natural moisture. Rinsing with some cold water will do just fine for the morning. Avoid hot water as it will dry out your skin. Always use a face moisturizer after washing your face at night.

      2.     Clumpy mascara

      • This is a common problem for most people. If your mascara comes out clumpy, quickly wipe the mascara off of your brush with a paper towel and go over your eyelashes with the clean brush to remove any clumps. Do this as soon as you realize your mascara is clumpy, as it dries quickly. If your mascara clumps often, it may be worth getting a separate eyelash brush for de-clumping.

      3.     Choosing the Wrong Color Wig

      • Choosing the wrong color wig is just as bad as women who color their hair the wrong color. You want a color that compliments your face well. When choosing a wig color you want to stay as close to your natural hair color as possible. You can go a little lighter or darker but don’t do the opposite of your hair color as this may make you look washed-out and will not appear natural. If your natural hair color is dirty blonde than you can either go with a blonde or brown wig. If your natural hair color is black, choose a dark color like brown or auburn.

      4. Applying Full Coverage Make-up to your Entire Face

      Only apply full coverage foundation to the areas where you really need the coverage, like over your beard or any blemishes you may have. Try to apply a lighter foundation where you can. You don’t want your make-up to look like it is caked on but instead want a nice natural appearance with as little foundation as you can pull off. Another helpful tip many forget is to use the lighter foundation to blend in your neck so that there is no obvious cut-off point.

      5.   Male body language

      • A male’s body language is very different than a female’s. When a man sits down they tend to be more relaxed, sprawling out their legs, and relaxing their shoulder and back. When a women sits down, she typically will cross her legs or sit with her knees together. When a man walks down the street they tend to slouch over instead of standing up tall. Your body language can be a dead give- away that you are a male so make sure you sit and stand nice and tall, and never slouch. This will also help your confidence as a woman. Try wearing a corset to improve posture as well. When you wear a steel-boned corset it naturally improves posture so you sit and stand taller so that you appear more serene and feminine