Hello every one,,, It sure has been a very long time since I was on my Blog

Well ? where to even begin,,, from the last time that I wrote anything on my blog,,,it had been a few years ago I have had a death in my family,,, it was my Mom. she had become sick,,, So,,, ? some time has passed now &,,, I had put Kelly on hold so to speak,,, I should also say:  its not that I stopped dressing up,,, no,,,, its just I hadn’t been dressing up often in the beginning & now to fast forward a little,,,so,,, here I am again I would say,,, within the last year in half I,,, been dressing up more,,,, & becoming more aware of how I apply my makeup which is a Major concern with { US } transvestites really, really,, wanting to PASS/ looking like a,,,,,, REAL Woman,,,, or at least try to,,,,, BLEND-IN,,, the best that I,,, can. One of the last blogs that I wrote I had said I would be adding pictures well ??? I can finally say,,,,,,,, YES !!! I will be adding now,,,after all this time,,,,, I have one picture that I like to share with you the READERS,, it won’t be in this,,,blog it it now Christmas Eve & I am almost getting ready to go to a family members home.. I can’t even believe how time has past,,,it just goes by so,,,fast lol & by the way,,, HAPPY HOLIDAYS,,, TO ALL OF,,,, YOU !!!!!!  the next blog I will share more of,,,,,,, my times of being,,,,,,, KELLY. being Kelly,,,has its ups & downs,,,, Until next time Kelly would say:  Stay well.

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