Hi every one,, SORRY :( about ( N O T ) adding any pictures ( yet ) BUT !!!!! ?

Allow me to explain


I have changed my mind NOT,,,

to have added any pictures….. YET!

to really understand to why ?  U must be,,, a cross dresser or ????

perhaps know of one in your life

WE / cross dressers or…at least in

( MY )

Case, want to come-out when we / I ,,,, Dress

to looking like a,,,,, woman- a,,,,,, REAL Looking GG Woman &,,,, to also (blend-in)

So,,, now that I have been going-out  MORE in public as Kelly,,, but let me remind every one

in saying going-out

It still has been at…… night time while dressed up, so……it really is quit different still

So,,, in doing-this

I also have been

asking people who,,, happen to see me…. or…& happen to be near me/Kelly at the moment

how do I look ???????

Let me also tell you…… in ASKING People of this….

a lot of the times I have done that is when I was

out,,,, of my town…& these people are complete strangers

& if – ? I maybe over heard them say:  or even stare at me…..in a way that there

thinking ???? to themselves ???

was that ??? or….is that a,,,,

guy,, dressed in woman’s clothing & wearing a,,, wig ?

for the most,,, part

people are……. pretty nice,,, & then of course you get the few…. that can be Not so nice

but all in all

the NICE people out weigh the not so nice, which I am grateful for.

So……what are some of the people answering when in asking how I look ? lol

The first thing a lot of them say is:

that my outfits look nice on me 🙂 &,,,,, my shoes look NICE too


I am still waiting S000000 bad for my order to come-in for my ( NEW ) Mule clear colored small 3 inch heels I have had a pair of those


well ???? when your a C-dresser &,,,, kind of still in the closet & if there’s any sudden changes that can maybe ?? have people family/friends that Don’t know (yet) that you

Cross dress well,,,,?  by now you know what im saying so…yes I had to get rid of them,,, along with anything else I had for…..Kelly

so that’s why I am & had to start-off,,,,, all over (again) !!

(  B U T  )  ??????

This time around !!!

things have changed

I wont be getting rid of (anything) any more !!!

 I am & have been adding little by little all the things that Kelly ( needs ) / wants !

and then,,,,, ?

its my


that answer was,,, is ?

this one is a,,,,,, tough one….

after all,,, I am & was born a guy  lol   & I most certainly have ALL the face features of a MAN LOL

the answers that I get,,, believe it or not……

well,,,, first let me say:

1 gentlemen told me in the city that I was a good looking pretty,,,,,,,,,,  Man ! lol that one I am still trying to figure out!  ? lol

and !!!

just to say this……. people in general are really pretty nice

one other place ( out of my town ) I happen to go too

when sitting down outside on a bench of the place I was now leaving I COULDNT wait !!!

to start asking people,,,, IF – ?  I felt that they started to stare or,,,? & turn around after they told who-ever ? they were with is that a guy ? what do you think??

& if they didn’t walk that far & I got brave enough in asking them,,,

what,,, is it ?????

that is giving me away &,,,, ???

what do you think ? that I can do to look (MORE) like a REAL Woman ?

any HELP !!!!  please if you have the time in helping me out to improve my looks / makeup


So,,, this is were I am at….now!

from times I have been told……… I can PASS

BUT,,,,,,, I know that maybe ? I am really HARD on myself & some people have also giving me the answer that they say: Don’t worry about what  ( OTHER ) people say or think as long as (your)


yes this I know……. & yeah,,,,, that’s ALL-Good & I understand

& so that night……that’s really Not the answer I was looking for lol….. its just….. for now in this so called journey / Cross dressing

my one concern when dressed up is to NOT worry & that I can look- the part as a REAL woman in public so,,,,,,, ?

until I feel I can look,,,, ALL the time the part &  I am still learning how to apply makeup (better)

with a ,,,,,, little more time in practicing the tricks of makeup,,,, then,,, I will certainly add some pictures of


I would,,,,,, LOVE that and share that with who ever happens to come on this blog

until next time,,,,, Kelly says:


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