Pictures,,,,,,, will be put on my next post on this Blog

Kelly is…and has been – OUT !!!!!!

More & more

this past weekend for the first time,,,, she has been out,, up & close to people




this was a really *B I G Step for her all the time walking past every 1 my eyes & ears couldn’t stop!

listening & looking around to see if I heard or saw someone giving me a look or to point at me

& if I would over hear any one saying if,,, that (guy) was wearing woman’s clothes and is HE wearing makeup-?

NO !!!!

to my surprise not,,, NO-one!!!!


I Couldn’t believe-it

was I…..or ? is this really happening ??????

am I……..  ( * PASSING )

as to looking like a


woman !

Y  E  S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is…and has always been a dream for a cross dresser


what a NICE Surprise it was.


my friend that happen to be with me that night was telling me… STOP !!!!!

asking her over, and over and…..OVER, over again & again lol

if I looked like a:  GUY

she kept saying

NO,,,,,, stop it already,,,,,

you look like a very well dressed lady with just the right amount of night time/Glam makeup


your outfit looks *AMAZING

So I am a lady of about the *Same age as my male mode & I….can enjoy that because

there are still smoking * H O T  looking woman of (that) Age lol

one thing that my friend had said to me,,, while driving home was:

its a good thing that you hadn’t SPOKE!

now….that… along with wearing a shorter Heel….. to not look that tall is deff going to help

so for Kelly,,  voice lessons are going to be next for this Gurl lol  to deff get more of a feminine voice

thanks all for still being here

Kelly’s out now*

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