Kelly has made her first steps,,, of being out in the public,,,, well sort of ? lol

Hi,,,, All

yes its,,, true !!!!!!

Kelly is,,,,,,,,, Out !!!!


it worxs 4 Me….. (But)-?

I am still learning of the ways to improve my looks / makeup to look more



NOT,,,,wanting to look like a Drag queen,,,, I am NOT saying anything against

any Drag queens….but for Me…..its not the style/Type of what I am looking for.

So,,, ? as what I wrote about being out….sort of:

its very true….. I have been making baby steps in my NEW mule 3,inch clear mules

I am loving !!!!!! S00000 much of how it feels & looks to be wearing heels

all you REAL GG Woman O.M.G. !!!! you are Soooo, lucky

to be woman all the time !!! lol

ok so……here’s what I have been doing to be…..out!

I have been leaving were I live at (NIGHT)- time.


It has been kind of late in the night

making sure none of the people that live next door to me aren’t…..around lol

I now have been,,,,, Out !!!!

around ? 7 to 8 times so…far & I will say this too:

its really a…different type of feeling being all dressed up especially wearing woman’s clothing.


might I add:

I am all……Done up to the style of what I Glam woman would be wearing lol

I have always loved how Red nail polish looks on woman….& I still do

& so I have painted my toenails fire engine *Red


I do also wear a…..Toering as well !!

and I have *ALWAYS LOVED the look of *Stockings & the garter belt that attaches by the tabs to hold them in place on woman & now I too wear those for my under garments

In case any one is wondering to where I go dressed up,  I do….drive in the car

along with going into a few stores that are open 24, hours like perhaps a C.V.S. & a few gas stations I have also gone into some super markets

the super market was,,,, ???


lets just say:

I think ? at first…. A few of the workers might? have thought I was a REAL woman

from the back & side of me…..until I was a little closer to them,,, & So that’s why I am still working to improve how…and what technique / makeup I can use…to look more like a real woman & of course to learn how to apply & use makeup there is something called

contour / highlighting

and from what I have read,,,, it can really make a difference when done the right way

so….this is….and really has been a test for me….to see what it might feel like &….well

I did it and tried it……so far….it is ???? nice….very different that’s for sure

apart of my outfits that I have wore are,,,, hmm? the slacks / pants are kind of open big on the bottom hem & high enough to show off my ankles

the color of them are black & I have matched it with a black low cut blouse I do have to say it..  again of just how much of a Glam look the outfit is,,,  its so very Feminine

I will be adding a few pictures after this post !

I do want to make sure that I can download (GOOD-NICE) pics that look the best / closest to looking like a…..real-woman

So ???????

I think that it will be it for now for…. ( this ) Post

thank you all for spending your time in reading my blog

stay well,,,


p.s. there will be more post,,,,,

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