Due to sickness with a *LOVED 1, in my Family Kelly will No longer be,,, out now & it…Does Not work-with her until further notice ! the few times she showed herself in public had a new different experience & kind of liked it I tried-it,, out ! I also would like to thank the few woman that have been really nice to me. To all……remember life is wayyyy, to short enjoy all your family members they are…sooo special tell them that you *LOVE them often. & may *GOD/JESUS Bless you stay well + + +

Kelly has made her first steps,,, of being out in the public,,,, well sort of ? lol

Hi,,,, All

yes its,,, true !!!!!!

Kelly is,,,,,,,,, Out !!!!


it worxs 4 Me….. (But)-?

I am still learning of the ways to improve my looks / makeup to look more



NOT,,,,wanting to look like a Drag queen,,,, I am NOT saying anything against

any Drag queens….but for Me…..its not the style/Type of what I am looking for.

So,,, ? as what I wrote about being out….sort of:

its very true….. I have been making baby steps in my NEW mule 3,inch clear mules

I am loving !!!!!! S00000 much of how it feels & looks to be wearing heels

all you REAL GG Woman O.M.G. !!!! you are Soooo, lucky

to be woman all the time !!! lol

ok so……here’s what I have been doing to be…..out!

I have been leaving were I live at (NIGHT)- time.


It has been kind of late in the night

making sure none of the people that live next door to me aren’t…..around lol

I now have been,,,,, Out !!!!

around ? 7 to 8 times so…far & I will say this too:

its really a…different type of feeling being all dressed up especially wearing woman’s clothing.


might I add:

I am all……Done up to the style of what I Glam woman would be wearing lol

I have always loved how Red nail polish looks on woman….& I still do

& so I have painted my toenails fire engine *Red


I do also wear a…..Toering as well !!

and I have *ALWAYS LOVED the look of *Stockings & the garter belt that attaches by the tabs to hold them in place on woman & now I too wear those for my under garments

In case any one is wondering to where I go dressed up,  I do….drive in the car

along with going into a few stores that are open 24, hours like perhaps a C.V.S. & a few gas stations I have also gone into some super markets

the super market was,,,, ???


lets just say:

I think ? at first…. A few of the workers might? have thought I was a REAL woman

from the back & side of me…..until I was a little closer to them,,, & So that’s why I am still working to improve how…and what technique / makeup I can use…to look more like a real woman & of course to learn how to apply & use makeup there is something called

contour / highlighting

and from what I have read,,,, it can really make a difference when done the right way

so….this is….and really has been a test for me….to see what it might feel like &….well

I did it and tried it……so far….it is ???? nice….very different that’s for sure

apart of my outfits that I have wore are,,,, hmm? the slacks / pants are kind of open big on the bottom hem & high enough to show off my ankles

the color of them are black & I have matched it with a black low cut blouse I do have to say it..  again of just how much of a Glam look the outfit is,,,  its so very Feminine

I will be adding a few pictures after this post !

I do want to make sure that I can download (GOOD-NICE) pics that look the best / closest to looking like a…..real-woman

So ???????

I think that it will be it for now for…. ( this ) Post

thank you all for spending your time in reading my blog

stay well,,,


p.s. there will be more post,,,,,