Yes its true that the last post i wrote was just telling U the readers: that Soon I will be writing once again on my Blog (B U T )-?

A Family member has become sick… & So that is why I haven’t felt to write any new post I really do want to share with you…..but as I have said,,, its been quite difficult to say the least.. I would like to say…that I now have EVERYTHING that real woman have lol what real woman have & own…except,,, in one item: its NOT my own or…..Real lol & what im saying is…that it is a Wig that I purchased. (THIS)-POST….I will NOT be adding any pictures (yet) because I am still in the early stages of learning all phases’ of makeup & there is some tricks of the trade so to speak with cross dressers. & I am being….very, very, CAREFUL in N O T looking like what’s called a DRAG-QUEEN !!! for some readers let me just tell you.. there really is a large spectrum in this area of Cross dressing it has even amazed myself when this new & different type of feeling started to happen to me… Like in MY-Case,,, I have found that I am not alone as a Straight man….wanting to do…..well what I do part time or…..when I do C-dress lol So…give me just a little more time,,,, & then I will be HAPPY !!! to share with you…..Kelly