hmm? I have been doing so much thinking to this Cross dressing in my life,, well,, the little of what i have done with it so far

Hi….to all that has passed by on my blog from time to time

to perhaps to see what I have done,,  did Kelly Add any NEW kinds of pictures ?? hmm?

Did Kelly write anything else ?


To a few that wrote to me to wish me luck,,, & I of course would like to

THANK U ALL !!!! for your support

when this new type of feeling started to happen to me – I am of course talking about

Cross dressing*

In the beginning it hit me kind of hard a few different kinds of emotions started to happen to me

some to this day I cant even explain it

so….there I was with these strong / different types of feelings & emotions towards this new thing in my life of what some call C-dressing

there are of course more then 1, name to it & so many different reasons why people do it

with me with the more research and…a little more time to think & even accept this I am kind of

noticing a little more & more as time keeps passing, that at times….those strong feelings I had well,, there just not as strong as what they use to be I remember when it first happen to me I some how  ended up writing to some 1 who was & still is a C-dresser & we corresponded through emailing for a short time & in doing so…it is NOW that I can think back to a few things that this person wrote to me about…myself / Kelly

1- thing was said:

perhaps this is just something that for some reason ? & it will pass u by

as tho telling me that it could be a hobby,, yes u heard that right

a hobby

perhaps…..this also can be right too ?

I can pick up within myself that I am defiantly not the same as to what I have seen & read on websites of cross dressers with (other) C-dressers they are def, more involve in it in there lives

where as with I….I take it as it comes not really in a big rush….yes its true that I have bought a few girly items a few pairs of stockings

a pair of wedge open toe shoes…..that I have been practicing walking in…nothing quite like a high heel lol


It sure is still different to the sneakers or boots that I am so use to wearing

I also now have two bras

a panty girdle that has the clips so I can hook the stockings up….I just *LOVE them & love how they feel on me !!!!

I have a complete outfit that fits me pretty good

I also have a pair of tight blk leggings

and I cant forget to mention a Gaff

this is a type of…..under ware / thong

this comes in handy for….well ? lets just say: when I do wear a outfit & my bottom outfit is tight leggings the gaffs job is to give the illusion of a (flat)- front to have the same look as how a woman looks

it really does the job right !

and a few blouses / pants I should mention woman’s pants & a cardigan


a Breast form

I am still on the look-out to buy a wig


A-3inch open toe clear Mule color heel shoe

and of course makeup

this to me is….still a puzzle with how much to use in certain parts of my face

remember now I am still born a guy lol


this was / is something I NEVER had to do growing up like how perhaps a real GG woman did & perhaps ? watched a older sister & mother apply makeup


so what else have I been thinking about with Cross dressing ?

WELL – ?

I think if maybe any other C-dressers happen to read any more to this post they…maybe ?

might start to think different of me now

Hey I am not here to tell any 1 how to live there life I mean I am still learning how to live my own life & be happy with what I have

okay then

this has been some of the ways for (me) of how I look at C-dressing in (my) life

in my researching man I have come across quite a lot of pictures of

Cross dressers

and in looking I have to be completely honest,  honest really to (myself) !!!!

there are,,, now how am I going to say this with out hurting any 1,s  feelings ?

* W E L L

being that this is (my) post & my-LIFE & being HONEST to myself because I…..don’t want to ever upset any 1 if & when I would ever be out in the public as a woman or ?? having people point out to me & thinking & saying: look at (that) guy dressed up wearing woman’s clothing & did you see that thing he / she is wearing on the top of his / her head that wig O.M.G. or to have a parent try to explain to there child why a grown man is dressed like that no…this is something I for (myself) don’t ever want to experience something like that…and its just me if (other) people want that then…that’s (there) life

so I guess by now you can see where I am going with this ?

there is a C-dressers event that’s coming up

& it is something I do want to go too & see for myself how it is & what’s it all about this is something I have never experienced before

as for later on for the future of Kelly

this is the part in (my) life that I have to be honest with

if Kelly ends up just looking like a Guy dressed up wearing woman’s clothes& a wig


it just doesn’t seem like Kelly will look close to passing as to look like a REAL Woman

then,,, yes…this I will NOT pursue with any more

I am & have to be Honest !!!!

thank U all for taken the time in reading this Blog stay well,,,

Until next time I will write more to the event coming up


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