A few other tips i have found on blogs that i think will H E L P !!! us *NEW Cross dressers out

Common Cross Dressing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Since there is no encyclopedia to cross dressing, it can become difficult to perfect your feminine look without doing hours of research or hours of trial and error. This can be especially challenging if you are trying to pass in public. There are a few common mistakes cross dressers tend to make when dressing that can be easily fixed with a few minor changes to your femme routine. A few of these mistakes are of course made by females as well, but fixing these as a cross dresser may make all the difference in being able to pass.

1.      Not using Proper Skin Care

  • Since male skin tends to be rougher than female skin it is very important to take the proper care when it comes to your face. First, make sure you use a gentle face cleanser. Do not use body soap. Your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, so you need to use a cleanser made specifically for your face. Try to only wash your face once a day, if you wash it more than that it will strip your face of its natural moisture. Rinsing with some cold water will do just fine for the morning. Avoid hot water as it will dry out your skin. Always use a face moisturizer after washing your face at night.

2.     Clumpy mascara

  • This is a common problem for most people. If your mascara comes out clumpy, quickly wipe the mascara off of your brush with a paper towel and go over your eyelashes with the clean brush to remove any clumps. Do this as soon as you realize your mascara is clumpy, as it dries quickly. If your mascara clumps often, it may be worth getting a separate eyelash brush for de-clumping.

3.     Choosing the Wrong Color Wig

  • Choosing the wrong color wig is just as bad as women who color their hair the wrong color. You want a color that compliments your face well. When choosing a wig color you want to stay as close to your natural hair color as possible. You can go a little lighter or darker but don’t do the opposite of your hair color as this may make you look washed-out and will not appear natural. If your natural hair color is dirty blonde than you can either go with a blonde or brown wig. If your natural hair color is black, choose a dark color like brown or auburn.

4. Applying Full Coverage Make-up to your Entire Face

Only apply full coverage foundation to the areas where you really need the coverage, like over your beard or any blemishes you may have. Try to apply a lighter foundation where you can. You don’t want your make-up to look like it is caked on but instead want a nice natural appearance with as little foundation as you can pull off. Another helpful tip many forget is to use the lighter foundation to blend in your neck so that there is no obvious cut-off point.

5.   Male body language

  • A male’s body language is very different than a female’s. When a man sits down they tend to be more relaxed, sprawling out their legs, and relaxing their shoulder and back. When a women sits down, she typically will cross her legs or sit with her knees together. When a man walks down the street they tend to slouch over instead of standing up tall. Your body language can be a dead give- away that you are a male so make sure you sit and stand nice and tall, and never slouch. This will also help your confidence as a woman. Try wearing a corset to improve posture as well. When you wear a steel-boned corset it naturally improves posture so you sit and stand taller so that you appear more serene and feminine

2 thoughts on “A few other tips i have found on blogs that i think will H E L P !!! us *NEW Cross dressers out

  1. I would add spend the extra money on great quality wigs. There is nothing like taking a photo and seeing this overly shiny, brassy look in the wig that screams, WIG!

    Also, dress appropriate for the situation, avoid fetish style dressing, pick an appropriate size breast insert, avoid using too many statement jewelry peices. Too much bling for the wrong situation is bad.

    Wow, one addition multiplied!! LoL.

    Ever & Always,
    Caden Lane

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