No title on this post,,, at least not at this moment lol

hmmm? where do I even want to Start in writing this post now,,,

when I first started this Blog well… not (this) one I mean I had another one

& I deleted it & I just felt to start out clean with a new slat so to speak…& well,, here I am,, again

I have noticed with myself how much I slowed down in NOT wanting to continue writing

any more of my journey of what I started…. some thing very different that had happen to me


the thing that is different


something called:

Cross dressing

Now with this cross dressing per say:

there is s00000 many different avenues to it

it still blows me away & to find out that,,, well to find-out I too as a man am NOT Alone that does it,,,    or….wants to explore in it

there are other men that are like myself- Straight… it has seemed so far that (we) the straight C-dressers are few,,

and not only at times do I feel out of place because I…I am a cross dresser

but because I am straight as well

with that said:

please know also I have nothing against how (other) people live their lives I am some one who

LOVES all & every one

but don’t get that confused with me accepting that type of life style its  just not for the way I live my life

So were else & what else do I want to write…on this Blog / post ???

A few things have changed within the cross dressing I have bought a few outfits

I am still looking & doing the never ending research of wigs,,, it is important to get….just the right type one…so that when its on you…..that well,,, U want the one that doesn’t just make u look like a guy wearing a wig lol


Shoes,,,, girls & in saying (girls) I am writing to GG Woman as well as…..any cross dressers that happen to be reading this post,,, Do U know the price of shoes ??? lol

not just any shoe…..oh, know….I am,,, or I should say:

Kelly wants the MULE style open toe clear color 3 to 4inch heels


I have also bought Breast forms


I wont get into any Great details on this post now perhaps as it gets closer I will let u know more about an Event that I would love to go to and see for the (first) time as


in all to see in public

how amazing this is…and will be,,,

I also would like to bring up a very *SPECIAL thank you to some of my GG woman

BLOG friends they have been so kind to me:  Kelly

if U see on my Blog of who I follow U will see who they are…to me there



so kind

thank you Girls !!!!

ok well ? I think? that’s about all I want to say / write on this Blog

Stay tuned as in the next few post it will be more on

the Event

stay well all !!!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “No title on this post,,, at least not at this moment lol

  1. Shoes, like anything else, will be better the higher the price. Expect to pay handsomely for shoes that will last you and that you will love. The other limiting factor is what size female shoe you will be wearing.

    Wigs are the same. I would save up for the perfect human hair wig before I’d buy a few cheap ones. Cheap ones are the ones that always look overly shiny nd brassy in photos. The only downside to a human hair wig is that it will need to be styled. But the good news, is that it can be re-styled. But whatever cut you get, you are stuck with it, so you’d need to find a local stylist willing to style a wig for you.

    Ever & Always,
    Caden Lane

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    • Hi Thank U it has been a Slow process for me / Kelly !!! but…little by little there is a C-dressers event coming up a (first) for me…as U might have guessed I’m still in the closet to many people I know. And just a Few people know of my dressing


  2. Kelly should go to the event, I think she needs to live a little! Spread her wings and spread love into the world 🙂 I hope it all goes well and that she’ll come back with lovely experiences and memories from it xx

    Liked by 2 people

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