Walking with Heels,, I would like to ADD: this post is RE-BLOGED from some one elses BLOG there for it is *NOT Mine (but) it can apply to any 1, that happens to be NEW to Cross dressing / wearing High heels & YES,,, Even to REAL GG Woman as well

Walking with Heels.


No title on this post,,, at least not at this moment lol

hmmm? where do I even want to Start in writing this post now,,,

when I first started this Blog well… not (this) one I mean I had another one

& I deleted it & I just felt to start out clean with a new slat so to speak…& well,, here I am,, again

I have noticed with myself how much I slowed down in NOT wanting to continue writing

any more of my journey of what I started…. some thing very different that had happen to me


the thing that is different


something called:

Cross dressing

Now with this cross dressing per say:

there is s00000 many different avenues to it

it still blows me away & to find out that,,, well to find-out I too as a man am NOT Alone that does it,,,    or….wants to explore in it

there are other men that are like myself- Straight… it has seemed so far that (we) the straight C-dressers are few,,

and not only at times do I feel out of place because I…I am a cross dresser

but because I am straight as well

with that said:

please know also I have nothing against how (other) people live their lives I am some one who

LOVES all & every one

but don’t get that confused with me accepting that type of life style its  just not for the way I live my life

So were else & what else do I want to write…on this Blog / post ???

A few things have changed within the cross dressing I have bought a few outfits

I am still looking & doing the never ending research of wigs,,, it is important to get….just the right type one…so that when its on you…..that well,,, U want the one that doesn’t just make u look like a guy wearing a wig lol


Shoes,,,, girls & in saying (girls) I am writing to GG Woman as well as…..any cross dressers that happen to be reading this post,,, Do U know the price of shoes ??? lol

not just any shoe…..oh, know….I am,,, or I should say:

Kelly wants the MULE style open toe clear color 3 to 4inch heels


I have also bought Breast forms


I wont get into any Great details on this post now perhaps as it gets closer I will let u know more about an Event that I would love to go to and see for the (first) time as


in all to see in public

how amazing this is…and will be,,,

I also would like to bring up a very *SPECIAL thank you to some of my GG woman

BLOG friends they have been so kind to me:  Kelly

if U see on my Blog of who I follow U will see who they are…to me there



so kind

thank you Girls !!!!

ok well ? I think? that’s about all I want to say / write on this Blog

Stay tuned as in the next few post it will be more on

the Event

stay well all !!!!!!!!