Kelly s new beginning !!!!

Kelly s new beginning as she slowly starts to develop in the ways of how a G.G. Woman looks & Acts

Some early pictures taken of a  Cross dressers new journey into the unknown of where this is going to lead her & how far will this go ? Depending on the looks- as far as makeup & any of the other details

it takes to passing as a woman in public.

So I welcome all other Cross dressers to join me as I expand more in developing my Fem-side known as

K E L L Y !!!!!!


Also I would of course invite any others

that want to expand there knowledge of Cross dressing


I do want to say right up front on this NEW Post that there are Many reasons why men do this thing

called Cross dressing:

Some do it:

1- Because they feel as tho they might have been born in the wrong body & decide on doing all sorts of surgery to change there appearance so to look more feminine / woman looking

and even going as far as the Sex-change

2- Because it is some sort of a sexual release for some

and with that…it doesn’t always mean the guy,, always dressers up in complete woman’s clothing

it could be as little as: Wearing Stockings & that’s it

& then there are: Guys that do it because in Cross dressing they feel as tho they in there own minds in dressing up they BECOME that woman…in how-ever long there dressed up & Deep-down they don’t mind even to want to be..with even another man.. So that is now Bi sexual / Gay

This is some of what  I found out in my research when.. I began to have a different type of feelings in my later age / life

For me as for why i…cross dress Has NOTHING to what i wrote above

In my case -along with other *STRAIGHT C-Dressers

I,m really not sure? to why & what brought this on as CR Az y as this sounds


It also seems that I,m NOT alone in this thing called


So…..let us together find out what it is??

as we connect with this thing: called



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