Hello every one,,, It sure has been a very long time since I was on my Blog

Well ? where to even begin,,, from the last time that I wrote anything on my blog,,,it had been a few years ago I have had a death in my family,,, it was my Mom. she had become sick,,, So,,, ? some time has passed now &,,, I had put Kelly on hold so to speak,,, I should also say:  its not that I stopped dressing up,,, no,,,, its just I hadn’t been dressing up often in the beginning & now to fast forward a little,,,so,,, here I am again I would say,,, within the last year in half I,,, been dressing up more,,,, & becoming more aware of how I apply my makeup which is a Major concern with { US } transvestites really, really,, wanting to PASS/ looking like a,,,,,, REAL Woman,,,, or at least try to,,,,, BLEND-IN,,, the best that I,,, can. One of the last blogs that I wrote I had said I would be adding pictures well ??? I can finally say,,,,,,,, YES !!! I will be adding now,,,after all this time,,,,, I have one picture that I like to share with you the READERS,, it won’t be in this,,,blog it it now Christmas Eve & I am almost getting ready to go to a family members home.. I can’t even believe how time has past,,,it just goes by so,,,fast lol & by the way,,, HAPPY HOLIDAYS,,, TO ALL OF,,,, YOU !!!!!!  the next blog I will share more of,,,,,,, my times of being,,,,,,, KELLY. being Kelly,,,has its ups & downs,,,, Until next time Kelly would say:  Stay well.

Hi every one,, SORRY :( about ( N O T ) adding any pictures ( yet ) BUT !!!!! ?

Allow me to explain


I have changed my mind NOT,,,

to have added any pictures….. YET!

to really understand to why ?  U must be,,, a cross dresser or ????

perhaps know of one in your life

WE / cross dressers or…at least in

( MY )

Case, want to come-out when we / I ,,,, Dress

to looking like a,,,,, woman- a,,,,,, REAL Looking GG Woman &,,,, to also (blend-in)

So,,, now that I have been going-out  MORE in public as Kelly,,, but let me remind every one

in saying going-out

It still has been at…… night time while dressed up, so……it really is quit different still

So,,, in doing-this

I also have been

asking people who,,, happen to see me…. or…& happen to be near me/Kelly at the moment

how do I look ???????

Let me also tell you…… in ASKING People of this….

a lot of the times I have done that is when I was

out,,,, of my town…& these people are complete strangers

& if – ? I maybe over heard them say:  or even stare at me…..in a way that there

thinking ???? to themselves ???

was that ??? or….is that a,,,,

guy,, dressed in woman’s clothing & wearing a,,, wig ?

for the most,,, part

people are……. pretty nice,,, & then of course you get the few…. that can be Not so nice

but all in all

the NICE people out weigh the not so nice, which I am grateful for.

So……what are some of the people answering when in asking how I look ? lol

The first thing a lot of them say is:

that my outfits look nice on me 🙂 &,,,,, my shoes look NICE too


I am still waiting S000000 bad for my order to come-in for my ( NEW ) Mule clear colored small 3 inch heels I have had a pair of those


well ???? when your a C-dresser &,,,, kind of still in the closet & if there’s any sudden changes that can maybe ?? have people family/friends that Don’t know (yet) that you

Cross dress well,,,,?  by now you know what im saying so…yes I had to get rid of them,,, along with anything else I had for…..Kelly

so that’s why I am & had to start-off,,,,, all over (again) !!

(  B U T  )  ??????

This time around !!!

things have changed

I wont be getting rid of (anything) any more !!!

 I am & have been adding little by little all the things that Kelly ( needs ) / wants !

and then,,,,, ?

its my


that answer was,,, is ?

this one is a,,,,,, tough one….

after all,,, I am & was born a guy  lol   & I most certainly have ALL the face features of a MAN LOL

the answers that I get,,, believe it or not……

well,,,, first let me say:

1 gentlemen told me in the city that I was a good looking pretty,,,,,,,,,,  Man ! lol that one I am still trying to figure out!  ? lol

and !!!

just to say this……. people in general are really pretty nice

one other place ( out of my town ) I happen to go too

when sitting down outside on a bench of the place I was now leaving I COULDNT wait !!!

to start asking people,,,, IF – ?  I felt that they started to stare or,,,? & turn around after they told who-ever ? they were with is that a guy ? what do you think??

& if they didn’t walk that far & I got brave enough in asking them,,,

what,,, is it ?????

that is giving me away &,,,, ???

what do you think ? that I can do to look (MORE) like a REAL Woman ?

any HELP !!!!  please if you have the time in helping me out to improve my looks / makeup


So,,, this is were I am at….now!

from times I have been told……… I can PASS

BUT,,,,,,, I know that maybe ? I am really HARD on myself & some people have also giving me the answer that they say: Don’t worry about what  ( OTHER ) people say or think as long as (your)


yes this I know……. & yeah,,,,, that’s ALL-Good & I understand

& so that night……that’s really Not the answer I was looking for lol….. its just….. for now in this so called journey / Cross dressing

my one concern when dressed up is to NOT worry & that I can look- the part as a REAL woman in public so,,,,,,, ?

until I feel I can look,,,, ALL the time the part &  I am still learning how to apply makeup (better)

with a ,,,,,, little more time in practicing the tricks of makeup,,,, then,,, I will certainly add some pictures of


I would,,,,,, LOVE that and share that with who ever happens to come on this blog

until next time,,,,, Kelly says:


Pictures,,,,,,, will be put on my next post on this Blog

Kelly is…and has been – OUT !!!!!!

More & more

this past weekend for the first time,,,, she has been out,, up & close to people




this was a really *B I G Step for her all the time walking past every 1 my eyes & ears couldn’t stop!

listening & looking around to see if I heard or saw someone giving me a look or to point at me

& if I would over hear any one saying if,,, that (guy) was wearing woman’s clothes and is HE wearing makeup-?

NO !!!!

to my surprise not,,, NO-one!!!!


I Couldn’t believe-it

was I…..or ? is this really happening ??????

am I……..  ( * PASSING )

as to looking like a


woman !

Y  E  S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is…and has always been a dream for a cross dresser


what a NICE Surprise it was.


my friend that happen to be with me that night was telling me…..to STOP !!!!!

asking her over, and over and…..OVER, over again & again lol

if I looked like a:  GUY

she kept saying

NO,,,,,, stop it already,,,,,

you look like a very well dressed lady with just the right amount of night time/Glam makeup


your outfit looks *AMAZING

So I am a lady of about the *Same age as my male mode & I….can enjoy that because

there are still smoking * H O T  looking woman of (that) Age lol

one thing that my friend had said to me,,, while driving home was:

its a good thing that you hadn’t SPOKE!

now….that… along with wearing a shorter Heel….. to not look that tall is deff going to help

so for Kelly,,  voice lessons are going to be next for this Gurl lol  to deff get more of a feminine voice

thanks all for still being here

Kelly’s out now*

Due to sickness with a *LOVED 1, in my Family Kelly will No longer be,,, out now & it…Does Not work-with her until further notice ! the few times she showed herself in public had a new different experience & kind of liked it I tried-it,, out ! I also would like to thank the few woman that have been really nice to me. To all……remember life is wayyyy, to short enjoy all your family members they are…sooo special tell them that you *LOVE them often. & may *GOD/JESUS Bless you stay well + + +

Kelly has made her first steps,,, of being out in the public,,,, well sort of ? lol

Hi,,,, All

yes its,,, true !!!!!!

Kelly is,,,,,,,,, Out !!!!


it worxs 4 Me….. (But)-?

I am still learning of the ways to improve my looks / makeup to look more



NOT,,,,wanting to look like a Drag queen,,,, I am NOT saying anything against

any Drag queens….but for Me…..its not the style/Type of what I am looking for.

So,,, ? as what I wrote about being out….sort of:

its very true….. I have been making baby steps in my NEW mule 3,inch clear mules

I am loving !!!!!! S00000 much of how it feels & looks to be wearing heels

all you REAL GG Woman O.M.G. !!!! you are Soooo, lucky

to be woman all the time !!! lol

ok so……here’s what I have been doing to be…..out!

I have been leaving were I live at (NIGHT)- time.


It has been kind of late in the night

making sure none of the people that live next door to me aren’t…..around lol

I now have been,,,,, Out !!!!

around ? 7 to 8 times so…far & I will say this too:

its really a…different type of feeling being all dressed up especially wearing woman’s clothing.


might I add:

I am all……Done up to the style of what I Glam woman would be wearing lol

I have always loved how Red nail polish looks on woman….& I still do

& so I have painted my toenails fire engine *Red


I do also wear a…..Toering as well !!

and I have *ALWAYS LOVED the look of *Stockings & the garter belt that attaches by the tabs to hold them in place on woman & now I too wear those for my under garments

In case any one is wondering to where I go dressed up,  I do….drive in the car

along with going into a few stores that are open 24, hours like perhaps a C.V.S. & a few gas stations I have also gone into some super markets

the super market was,,,, ???


lets just say:

I think ? at first…. A few of the workers might? have thought I was a REAL woman

from the back & side of me…..until I was a little closer to them,,, & So that’s why I am still working to improve how…and what technique / makeup I can use…to look more like a real woman & of course to learn how to apply & use makeup there is something called

contour / highlighting

and from what I have read,,,, it can really make a difference when done the right way

so….this is….and really has been a test for me….to see what it might feel like &….well

I did it and tried it……so far….it is ???? nice….very different that’s for sure

apart of my outfits that I have wore are,,,, hmm? the slacks / pants are kind of open big on the bottom hem & high enough to show off my ankles

the color of them are black & I have matched it with a black low cut blouse I do have to say it..  again of just how much of a Glam look the outfit is,,,  its so very Feminine

I will be adding a few pictures after this post !

I do want to make sure that I can download (GOOD-NICE) pics that look the best / closest to looking like a…..real-woman

So ???????

I think that it will be it for now for…. ( this ) Post

thank you all for spending your time in reading my blog

stay well,,,


p.s. there will be more post,,,,,

Yes its true that the last post i wrote was just telling U the readers: that Soon I will be writing once again on my Blog (B U T )-?

A Family member has become sick… & So that is why I haven’t felt to write any new post I really do want to share with you…..but as I have said,,, its been quite difficult to say the least.. I would like to say…that I now have EVERYTHING that real woman have lol what real woman have & own…except,,, in one item: its NOT my own or…..Real lol & what im saying is…that it is a Wig that I purchased. (THIS)-POST….I will NOT be adding any pictures (yet) because I am still in the early stages of learning all phases’ of makeup & there is some tricks of the trade so to speak with cross dressers. & I am being….very, very, CAREFUL in N O T looking like what’s called a DRAG-QUEEN !!! for some readers let me just tell you.. there really is a large spectrum in this area of Cross dressing it has even amazed myself when this new & different type of feeling started to happen to me… Like in MY-Case,,, I have found that I am not alone as a Straight man….wanting to do…..well what I do part time or…..when I do C-dress lol So…give me just a little more time,,,, & then I will be HAPPY !!! to share with you…..Kelly